Sunday, May 3, 2009

Orgies for Beginners

To set the scene, I have just arrived at my first orgy. To my surprise, this early in the evening it looks like any other cocktail party, with fully dressed people standing around to sip drinks and mingle.

A woman I had never seen before said, "Molly Ren?" as if she knew me. "I read your Twitter!" she explained, hugging me. "I'm Tilda!"

"Oh," I said.

She drew me into an eddy of the conversation, and soon I found myself standing in a circle made up of myself, Tilda, Nate, and Byron. Naturally, the topic was how'd we'd found out about this party, and Byron told the usual story about how he'd been reading Jefferson's blog, sent him an email, and, for some reason, been invited!

Because you are pretty, I managed not to blurt out, staring unabashedly at his cheekbones.

It turned out that me and Byron were the newcomers: neither of us had ever been to a party like this before.

Nate said he had been in Europe once during some kind of riot. He'd also been to a concert with a mosh pit. If you struggle in a mosh pit, he said, you get hurt. But if you just go with the flow, everything will be fine. Tilda nodded in agreement: the movement of these things was just like a good orgy, where you let the collective body take over.

See, Byron, I teased, now you know: in twenty minutes these people will strip off their clothes and throw their drinks over their shoulder and it will be like a riot and a mosh pit all in one. Aren't you glad you came?


Anonymous said...

I'm curious to hear more.

Molly Ren said...

Someday there will probably be more...just not yet. :D