Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Internet Loves Me

Earlier this week, I was flattered to discover Ice Cream had been featured by the lovely Sexoteric, who specializes in collecting unique instances of pervery under their Experiences tag. This was the first time anyone had ever quoted me on their blog, let alone one I love to read!

But things got even better yesterday, when I idly signed into Statcounter (as I do every day). What is usually an exercise in pure narcissism, however, turned into bug-eyed gasps and squeals of glee when I realized I had been featured on Fleshbot! A million thanks to the lovely Madeline Glass for picking me (and making me first on the list, no less!) Being on Fleshbot has pretty much been a goal since I started blogging, so this really made my month!

I'm in good company, too. My internet buddies Byron and Lily were also featured. Go check 'em out!