Monday, April 6, 2009


"What would happen if I bit you on the nipples?" I asked, encircling them with my fingertips. They were a normal size, but in my mind they are bright red.

He winced a little. "I wouldn't like that very much."

It's true! I thought, exultantly, but I decided to leave them alone for now. "Have you had sex yet?"

"Tonight?" he asked.

No, I thought, I mean in your whole fucking life. I caressed his thighs and the bulge between them. "Do you want to fuck me first?"

"All right," he said. Was there a little bit of hesitation there? He made the houseboy get him another bourbon and took me by the wrist. "Sometimes you have to ask for a drink even when you really don't want one," he confided to me as he led the way to Tilda's bedroom. I have no idea what this meant.

There were people sitting on the mattress on the floor, talking. "We're going to fuck now!" I told them happily. They laughed, but I couldn't understand why: weren't they just as happy to fuck? I got on the bed first, just lying there since I was already naked. I could hear someone in the other room calling, "Jefferson, Jefferson!"

"They're calling my name when I have a naked girl in front of me," Jefferson said to me, the nerve, and then he pulled down his pants. And because I was on the bed, exactly level with his crotch, for what felt like a minute I had a very good view of Jefferson's Cock.

I think for split second upon seeing it, realizing it WAS his cock, I was terrified. Because Jefferson's Cock had to be the size of a baseball bat. And then I realized it was a perfectly lovely, normal, average sized cock. And then I realized a second thing: he wasn't hard yet.

That surprises me most of all, that he was entirely eager and willing and he wasn't hard yet. And then he was in bed with me and spreading my legs and I realized he was going to give me oral.

"Don't you need...stuff?" I couldn't remember the word: dental dam.

"I need my mouth on your pussy," Jefferson said, and went down on me.

Ah well, I thought, it's not like I've done any different with the last three people I've slept with.

It was an odd technique. The B.H.M. had flicked his tongue in and out of my vagina (and sometimes my anus) while I sucked his dick in the 69 position. It had been wet and warm and very often pleasurable when he'd hit a particularly sensitive spot. Instead, Jefferson seemed to seal his mouth to my vaginal opening. There was nothing wet to it, only a kind of...pulling. Occasionally there'd be a tiny movement, a pinhead of sensation that seemed too delicate to be made by the tongue. I lay on the bed, shifted my hips, trying to accommodate this new technique, and looked at Jefferson's skull between my thighs. Looked at the ceiling, tried not to think. Breathe.

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amazing read.
im familiar with that technique