Sunday, April 12, 2009

[via] The Dailies

Mollena sez:

I got on a bit of a riff today about there not being much variation in the BDSM and Bondage community when it comes to size and color, etc...

But I think there is a market for people who wanna see fat girls, and those who think we’re imminently fuckable and look awesome in bondage.

SO, I ran out and bought a domain and now and sitting here thinkin’…huh….what now?

You can sign up at the site for developments…and you can contact me if you might wish to model, or get content up there, or…yeah!

Kind of excited!


grizzyhip said...

For starters, the pic is beyond awesome.
id most definetely love to be in on any updates for ur upcoming site. whether it be with content, ideas, or anything else.
im a guy but i do a lil modeling myself. thick guy here. anyways, if any of this interests u, get back to me, if not good luck and take care. :)

Molly Ren said...

It's not actually *my* website, it's Mollena's! I didn't realize that wasn't clear until it was too late!

But you can probably get ahold of her via her Twitter

or by commenting on the original post