Thursday, July 17, 2008

Men on Pointe

I was walking home from the bus stop when I had a vision.

There, on the sidewalk, surrounded by tourist trap shops, I conceived the ideal boy. He was wasp waisted, short haired, his limbs graceful, fluid movements, every line of his body vibrating with desire. He was clad in a black suit, and (most wonderful of all) on his feet, lengthening his swift and delicate streamlined body, was a pair of stark black ballet shoes.

Jesus, I thought, licking my lips as I walked down the street, Armani has nothing on this.

When I got home I wondered if, somewhere, somehow, someone had made men on pointe porn: guys in white button down shirts, tailcoats, sharp pressed trousers hugging a taut waist of victorian proportions...and on their feet, those magical shoes.

Sometimes the internet just give you what you want. Two Google searches later (first "men on pointe", then "men + ballet + suit") I discovered Amelia.

The men wear white ballet shoes instead of black, but I'm not about to complain of such a minor detail. Sometimes they are shod in shiny black dress shoes, which are just as much a turn on for me. I swear to god, dress suits and shiny shoes are men's lingerie.

Looking at these clips has also made me revisit ballet--something I haven't done since the classes in grade school. I'm surprised by how strangely unsexy it can sometimes be. Other times, it smolders with the power of the supernatural: these women and men cannot be real. Their grace makes them "others", just as Alexander's icy white skin and the Colt's crossdressing made them rare, strange, desirable.

It's strange too that the clips I've enjoyed the most have limited roles for the men. They're mainly props to hold up the girl. Not that I wouldn't like the boys alone, but the moves they're forced to carry out look silly and stilted. The second clip I have up, however, promises that the androgynous theme isn't simply something I'm projecting: it features a wasp-waisted girl in men's clothing.

I hope I can find a copy so I can watch this entire film, made up of "memories of a transvestite he once knew".

Image via LAist.

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