Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fan Mail

I do not really get a lot of mail. I get several misspelled emails from ardent feedees a month, but I do not quite think of that as mail. And, fortunately, I have yet to receive any hate mail, which means when I do get something it's like Christmas. Seriously, people, I love the sight of an unread email the same way I love the sight of an unopened box with a big bow on top.

Not too long ago I got this one:

i just caught myself up on your blog, its been a few months. Today i realized that i like yours best for an odd reason. Its not because of the fetishes involved, its because there is a human quality that porn and other blogs miss. I like how you doubt yourself. Most dommes are theses unattainable monstrous beauties, but you, youre unsure of yourself at times. i like it. Youre real.

Aww. Bitchy Jones would be proud.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, fan mail is the best.