Monday, June 22, 2009

It seems I *can* come to Dark Odyssey this year...

...but it's for one night only!

You may have heard me Twitter about how I couldn't come to camp this year: no money, not enough time, etc. I planned to not get on Twitter that week and ignore the blogs, just so I wouldn't get too jealous of the fun everyone else was having. Instead, the kind folks at DC TNG sent out an email with a massive discount that would allow me to attend...but for one night only: Friday the 26th.

Still, one night is more than I hoped for. (And, based on the stories I've heard, may be quite enough for a camp virgin.) I may even be able to bring a friend with me, but we'll have to see about that.

With my usual immense enthusiam coupled with lack of planning, I'm not entirely positive how I'm going to *get* there yet (a MARC train/cab combination is currently the most possible). If anyone else is coming late to camp and can perhaps give me a ride, I would be much oblidged. (I understand that such a thing is quite unlikely, but thought I would ask anyway because hey, what else are blogs for?) But never fear: where there's a will, I'll find a way.

So, who else is coming?


ButterfishManiac said...

Well I am sure you will enjoy yourself. The Lucky Paul Strip Club party should be epic if you attend.

There are also other activities that are also quite attractive.

Wow, I sound like I am getting paid, don't I.

Anonymous said...

Nice entendre at the end there.