Sunday, June 28, 2009


Bruises courtesy of DC Boy.

I did in fact get laid this weekend, tho not at Dark Odyssey's Leather Retreat. Mainly, I ran around with very few clothes on, and did a lot of naked swimming in the pool. There were very pretty people and very ugly people. I fell in with some people my own age and made friends rather quicker than I think I had anywhere else, and they let me watch a play piercing.

You look sullen, Molly, they told me a while later as I sat in the dungeon and watched the happy pairs of people flogging each other, having threesomes in cages and setting each other on fire. You should go to the strip club. I did, and I saw a woman drink her own pee. "Oh no!" I yelled as I realized what she was about to be doing, Oh yeah! yelled everyone else in the crowd.

You should stay longer, one of the pretty girls told me. Nooo, I thought, I have to leave so I can get laid. So at an ungodly hour I got back on the train and went to DC, where a boy and I hit each other and slept next to each other, so the tale ended happily.


Anonymous said...

Owww, but it looks like you had fun. And that's what matters.

Molly Ren said...

It actually wasn't painful at all...but that's another story.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate as a switch someone who can give and receive such pain a nd power exchanging.

Something deep in my childhood makes me really want to be tied to a high chair and force fed so much food my body would change from day to day.At times I would move my face away crying and the food would splurge all over my face.

I would of course have my face slapped and thighs pinched for moving and aviioding my duty which is to eat and eat and eat.

Don't see why I cant add more protean to what I am being force fed with a special spunk suplement.

Such a pity we live so far apart.