Monday, September 8, 2008

Perhaps Frida Kahlo was an FFA?

Frida y Diego, found at From the Books of Ex Libris

"Part of Riviera's attraction was his female aspect--Frida loved, she said, 'the sensitivity of his wonderful breasts'." --Frida Kahlo: the Paintings, Hayden Herrera.

I'm "home" for a few days, visiting Q. in another town. A lot of my old books are here, stored for when I'd want them after college. I picked up the Frida Kahlo book on a whim, but this sentence made me sit up even through the jet lag of traveling for four hours.

Diego was legendary for having lots of women, despite his "elephantine" charms. You saw the movie, right? Always the most beautiful girls. I used to wonder how he managed to do that, but now that I've had the BHM, it suddenly makes sense. Rivera must have had the same aloof look, coupled with a gentleness of touch that left it up to me to decide how far he could go the first time...and the next, and the next. And their faces must have worn the same look of wickedness when his tongue dipped down into a woman's body, into me for the first time, making me feel things that I never had before.

People can say that this is what women really want, they don't care for looks, but I also like the BHMs body as it is. Even though he is not an artist, the BHM is far better looking than Rivera ever was.


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