Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pervertables: or, Seeing My Own Fetish the Way Freud Sees Penises

If you read a lot of too many sex blogs, you might come across pervertables. As Amourous Propensistes says, a pervertable can be defined as, "When commonplace items are converted to erotic." BDSM people can have great fun with this (a spatula can whack a bottom as easily as a flogger). But conouseurs of other, rarer fetishes practice another form of perversion altogether: the scouring of movies, books, and Google for media that unknowingly dials the number of our own sick fantasies.

Anyone who is spending time on this site and has also seen Willy Wonka or the cartoon version of Charlotte's Web is nodding by now.

So it is with the deepest apologies to MikeCindynJoe, the author(s?) of the blog Shared Cindy, for pointing my readers to a post that begins with gluttony and ends with a fuckfest between two men and two women. Here's a snippet:

For myself I shamelessly devoured a bratwurst, 2 beef tamales, 2 teriyaki sticks, a BBQ'ed pulled-pork sandwich, an ear of roasted corn dripping with butter, and a warm funnel cake drizzled with smashed strawberries and dusted with powdered sugar. OMG! All of this was interspersed with numerous samples of beers from their respective countries of origin (burp).

It was dark when we finally left and we were so overstuffed we were practically in pain...

The next morning, a tender scene begins:

Seeing Cindy already in the process of getting spit-roasted caused Suzy to mock-pout and say, "Hey... no fair!" and she quickly crossed the room and gave Cindy a gentle shove that caused her to roll over onto her side, leaving Joe and me with stiff, wet erections throbbing in midair. Before Cindy could recover, Suzy quickly crawled onto the bed, took Cindy's place and her husband's stiff dick in her mouth and offered her upturned and shapely ass to me. Wow.

Read the whole post here.

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