Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Warm Milk, Part 2: Molly Arrives

Sexy stuffing stories, my peeps: it's what I live for. Here's part 1 if you wanna catch up.

* * *

There was a knock on the door.

Rufus jumped up from the sofa. He had shaved, buttoned up, tucked in, and gave himself a quick look in the mirror before he opened the door. In that single second of pull a tingle seized his crotch--half sex, half fear at not knowing who he would find on the other side.

And there she was.

"You must be Molly," he said, not knowing what else to say.

Molly lowered her head, but a small smile upturned one corner of her mouth. "He said you were pretty," she said, looking up at him through her long eyelashes, "and it's true."

The corner of each of her merry eyes was decorated with a tiny red jewel, and her dimpled cheek had a beauty mark on it. Rufus felt all his tension sigh out--and his chest swell again on the next breath.

"And you are adorable," he told her, "a little burlesque princess."

Molly stepped inside, taking it all in: the balcony with the view of the city in the pouring rain, the fully equipped kitchen, the door to the bedroom. Then she undid her belt, turned, and allowed her trench to slide down off her shoulders. "Take my coat?" she asked him sweetly.

Slowly, Rufus curled his fingers under the collar, between the fabric and her warm skin, and the coat slid off. Underneath she was wearing thigh-highs, frilly red panties, and a corset teddy that completely failed to conceal the thickness of her waist or her round soft belly. She had a pert rump, and two bouncy breasts ready to spill from their cups as soon as she bent over. She stood smiling at him a little, her hands rising to tighten the combs that held her curly hair back--her eyes asked him if he was pleased.

Rufus felt a pleasurable twinge in his belly, and without thinking reached out to draw her closer to him. She was smaller than he was--she could pillow her head on his breast, and he could rest his chin on the top of her head. He heard her give a little "Oh," as she came up against his broad chest and his soft tummy, the same combination that had so enticed Andre Six. She lay one of her little manicured hands on his chest, the nails red as love, and then she tweaked his nipple!

He felt a tickle: one of her hands grope around, squeezed one of his love handles through his shirt. "You're soft," she said."

"Softer than most boys, I've been told." His voice had deepened, coming up from his chest.

"Not as soft as I am, though," she said, looking up at him through her eyelashes.

I bet you are, he thought, eyeing her thick waist--she might even outweigh him a little, for all their difference in height. "I'd like to kiss you," he said.

"I'm surprised you waited this long," she said, and turned her face up to him, her flower-pink lips parted prettily.

He caught her open mouthed, and as their kiss deepened he felt her arms slide under his, gripping his shoulder blades--a harness of lust. Rufus ran her hands down the curves of her sides, feeling the hard ribs of her corset and then the soft, soft globes of her rump beneath. He was pressing his palms to them, about to squeeze, when with a little flip of her head she came loose from his mouth. Rufus was left staring stupidly at her, his lips still parted. She bit him gently on the lower lip.

"Want to help me carry my bags?" she asked, smiling.

The door was still open. Her bags were out in the hallway, a large one made of maroon crocodile, and two paper grocery bags. When he brought them in for her he noticed they held a gallon of milk and a new six pack of Orange Crush.

Rufus smiled.

* * *

Part three is next, so stay tuned!


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