Saturday, October 4, 2008

Janie Blooms Talks About Her Tummy

Janie has been one of my favourite sex bloggers ever since she wrote so hilariously about her first try at anal sex. In Janie Dresses Up, she writes about her late blooming love for dresses. How they make her feel girly, sexy, for almost the first time. And her changing view of her own body, which a lot of us sexy BBWs can relate to:

Which isn’t something I talk about here, really. My chubby issues. It’s not that I’m trying to pass as some skinny girl of my readers’ dreams. It’s just an issue that’s a blog on its own and besides, my tummy has never prevented me from having orgasms or good sex. In fact, my stomach has become my most erogenous zone, apart from the obvious ones (pussy, breasts, ass). It was a scary thing when someone first touched my stomach and I found it very arousing. Because it is a place on my body that holds for me, historically, tons of shame, insecurity, and doubt. However, there is a miracle that happens in sexuality. Or at least in mine. All those negative-ish feelings about my tummy translate into physical sensitivity. My fears about my stomach not being attractive are eroticized and, bam, kink is born. Touch my stomach in a certain way, grope it, massage it, and well, I get very, very wet kids. And boys who have elicited this reaction out of me, well, this reaction has often made them touch my stomach even more, and in turn, I have started to treasure my tummy. As a place of power, of VULNERABILITY. Vulnerability is power, folks.



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jul said...

Got to tell you, I think it's awesome that she's evolving with her own body...women are sexy when they accept who they are.

Saying that, I used to be pretty darn sick kid...and was insecure about that - now, I'm a chick with a pilates-body, toned stomach and definition...

We all have to overcome in our own way. Thanks for posting this! Although my own blog is whoa different, I think you might appreciate it.