Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I'm not sure where you all are coming from--my statcounter isn't able to give me a particular place--but there certainly seems to be a lot of you. And I'm glad to see each and every one. ;)

So, Welcome to my pervy little corner of the internet! Here you will find everything a stomach fetishist could desire, with articles weekly, erotica monthly and pictures almost daily...when I'm able to get online. (My internet connection is a bit, er, ticklish at the moment.) But until I've put up the next installment, why don't you have a look around?

You can look at the stuffer boys (i.e., male feedees) in all their round bellied glory.

Or, if you have the other persuasion, you can look at some of the hottest BBWs I've ever seen.

Or if your wanking takes a more literary turn, you can read the feederism erotica (i.e. stuffer stories) starring Mister Andre Six, his girlfriend Rihanna, and their soon-to-be-boyfriend Rufus Hex. Many stuffing orgies ensue.

And, if you want to keep up with my erotic adventures, the best way is, as always, to go up there on the right, hit the button under "subscribe", and add me to your RSS Reader.


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