Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Which Jaime Watches a Fat Girl Stuff Herself

If you've been following along, you'll know that Jaime recently went on a trip to NYC to meet his new BBW love, Candy. He told me the whole story one night, and now I'm sharing it with you.

After looking in vain for a hostel, Jaime and Candy take a taxi to a cheap hotel...

Jaime: The sign on the wall made my jaw drop:

"No OVERNIGHT rooms!"

We were too tired to go on and asked if we could book five hours...and then five more. They said no, but that we might, be able to come down at 4 am(!) and book four more, not five, letting us stay till 7:30 am.

We booked five.

So now the good stuff...

She didn't have a camera with her but that didn't stop her from being sexy! She stripped down in front of me and showed me cute pajamas while mostly naked and grinned and said, "See! I got them for tonight."

I was not looking at them...I sat near her and slapped her huge smooth tanned belly and said, "My god..."

She went, "Hmn?"

I said, "Your body is amazing--why, you look five months pregnant."

She shrugged and went, "I'm hungry!"

I stroked her huge gut and said, "We should order a pizza, on me..."

She apparently knew the area though and went, "Nope! I'm going to walk around the corner to Wendy's!"

I groaned. "I cannot move..."

She said, "You don't have to, silly, I'm going, and I'll bring you back something!"

I slapped her ass and said, "Do hurry, I'm starved..." and looked her body over.

She got me a baked potato (which she laughed at when I said I wanted something healthy, but to please get me extra sour creme). I told her my stomach never once got ill on sour creme, and that I loved it. She also got me a big burger. And for herself: three burgers, two large fries, three baked potatoes, a soda, and three little things of chicken nuggets.

She laid out as much food as a pizza would have cost and went, "I was hungry, so I got three of everything! Oh.. and heres yours, baby," and tossed me my meager meal *grins* My jaw was picked up by my hand and I watched her begin chowing down.

The room had one redeeming quality: it was surrounded by mirrors! I watched as she ate slowly at first. She lifted her shirt that was uncomfortable and displayed her increasingly buddha-like belly. I sat beside her and slapped both hands over her gut
and stroked it. Her shirt came off completely and she asked what I thought of her belly, as my eyes strayed to her tits
I nuzzled my head between her breasts and kissed down to her huge belly as she ate and said, "I think its the most perfect belly i've ever beheld in my entire life...I think you're beautiful.." and kissed her navel deeply as she sighed in pleasure. She let out a burp and I patted her bulging belly. She was halfway through and wasn't stopping. Her belly had gotten about twice as big already and sat nicely on her lap.

I lifted the final burger to her lips and fed her delicious bite after delicious bite. I then said, "You're getting full, lean against me..."

She gasped and her hand went to her tummy as she burped and went, "I would crush you!" in a shy girlish way.

I laughed and said, "I'm in enough pain already, this sort would be welcomed," and allowed her to...wait a second!
Didn't I once fantasize about doing this with that same girl? Im getting deja vu...I was typing to you, Molly, something similar
about fast food and her weight being painful to me...

I don't know any more, I wrote back, this sounds like every fantasy you've ever had all rolled into one!

Jaime: *Grins* imagine had I been able to stay a week...what I could accomplish...

So she sat in my arms and eased back and I held her big full belly as she devoured the last burger and baked potato a bit more slowly. She felt amazing and she kept leaning forward every few moments--making her belly bulge ominously round--from fear of crushing me to death. I fingered her deep navel and jiggled her gut while she moaned to be careful.

She finished the entire bag and got up and held her belly for me, presenting it to my eyes. "Did it get alot bigger?" she asked shyly.

I said, "You're so huge, baby, that I doubt very much you can even see your toes..."

She giggled and crawled to the bed, her belly touching it as she swayed, stuffed, on all fours. She fell onto the bed and it shook.

I swooped down over her to hold her tenderly to me. "Are you okay?" I asked.

She nodded, murmuring weakly, and went, "I...*BURP*...ate too fast..." and held her fat belly ache.

It was then that I had an urge to kiss her tenderly--and did so. We kissed very long and deep and I fondled her incredibly vast belly. She lay on her side--her belly got even bigger to my eyes--and said, "Rub it...I've never had anyone rub it before..."

I collapsed with a moan to my kneels and fell upon her cushion of gut. I then listened to her big big belly rumbling with food
and said, "It's talking to me..." as I rubbed it slowly.

She asked breathlessly, "What is it saying..."

I said, "'Too much food...don't feed me another bite, I just may pop!'" and slapped her gut.

She giggled and said, "Nope! Listen again!" and forced my head against her fat bulging belly. My face sunk against her gut and it growled.

I blinked and went, "'s saying, 'The Wendy's was delicious, but please feed me some ice cream!'"

She laughed and said, "Now that sounds more like my belly!" and rubbed it as well.

I explored her belly for some time. [Since] she said she had eaten too fast I was very tender with her gut. I fondled her breasts as well and sent her huge udders to rolling and quivering, nipples dark and hard. She smelled of vanilla (and mexican food slightly, which to my surprise, wasn't as appealing!)

She then complained loudly that her thighs were in pain and red. I felt them and they were huge and red hot.

Molly: They rub together.

Jaime: Yes.

She said, "My thighs are best friends, they never separate!" I said it was romantic. I massaged her thighs and held her huge belly and she moaned in pleasure.

Then she whispered in the smallest voice: "When you do that, I get excited because of how close you are to..." and blushed.

I of course, had no mercy and grinned wickedly and grabbed her mound and began rubbing it directly. She moaned and her back arched and her belly quivered. She jiggled and shook which each shuddering gasp and I felt wetness there. She came and went to clean up, giggling softly, and I laid staring at the mirror.

She came back and was very heavy and very tired and she had begun shivering. I cupped her face and held her close and said, "What, it's not that cold in here, are you ok?"

She held me tight and now had her shirt on but her belly wouldn't cover up. So I held it and I tucked her into the blankets and wrapped her up and kissed her and she said suddenly very shyly, "Why are you so nice to me..."

I was incredulous and went, "No one shows you the slightest affection or warmth when with you?"

She shook her head and scooted closer and said abashed "No, you're nicer than they were..." so I caressed her face laying next to her and looked into her eyes and kissed her softly without overly lustful movements. I was as tender as I could possibly be. She murmured how good it felt just for me to be touching her face.

I decided not to fuck her that night, so I told her the story of how I couldn't sleep without something between my thighs, how I once had lain with a girl I liked very much and watched movies all night and how our thighs were intertwined, and that it felt nice to be tangled up in someone so I always need a pillow or a person with me when I sleep.

She obliged and smiled and wrapped her thighs with mine and held me tight and rested her head on my chest. I got about an hour's sleep with her like that.

But what will they do when they have to leave?


The Valiant Bastard said...

It's times like these I should slap you should you ever not remain my friend. I liked this write up very much, it was a very erotic experience for me and it was fun to relive it. When you come to your senses, I have the rest of the tale to tell you so you can continue your blogging dear sister.


Ein; Zusammentreffen der Welten...

Molly Ren said...

Dammit, I need to learn German. :) Dear bystander: if you ever come back, please translate! Until then I will have to make do with Babelfish...