Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Job Search

I have a new housemate, a Celtic she. The entire household is being reshuffled as people come back to school and people like me, who've already graduated, move out. My room--with it's awesome bed and adjacent shower (I never did get to have an orgy in it)--will be taken over by yet another girl who I recently learned would be none too pleased to have me as a roommate. Thus this hurried move.

So I'm simultaneously looking for jobs and housing on my laptop when the Celt comes into the kitchen to make breakfast. She wants to know why I was trying to look for a house in Bigtown when I already reviewed a place in Littletown that was satisfactory. I say I'm trying to get a job in Bigtown anyway. Which, somehow or other, moves to her ask what I most enjoyed doing.

More than anything in the world I enjoy coaxing skinny boys to overeat until their tummies bulge out and they become helpless. "They don't pay you for the stuff I like to do," I say at last.

Which eads to another question from her. I almost want to tell her I want to be a dominatrix or something and finally come to my own rescue by telling her I'm writing a novel.

"What's it about?"

"Oh, the usual," I say, still trying to find a house in Bigtown and watching the chances evaporate before my eyes. "Famous singers, beautiful women, a love triangle. The whole nine yards."

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