Thursday, August 28, 2008

Molly Has Moved

No, this website will not be moving to its own domain name any time soon. I mean an IRL type moving. I, Molly Ren, packed up all of my meager possessions into boxes and moved out of The Mansion. I now have a room in a different part of town, fewer housemates, and, most shocking of all, a new part time job.

The move was stressful, to say the least. Q. came to help, and I greeted her arrival with the kind of "I'm helpless but I resent your being here" kind of spats that I don't remember having when I was the correct age to have them (i.e. middle or high school.) I was depressed about my future with The Colt, my lack of direction in life, and the fact that, when my only supplies consisted of canned food, we had forgotten to purchase a can opener. (One of my new housemates saved the day with a hammer and a screwdriver.)

My (private) bathroom is in the basement. It's been newly renovated into a living room-style space, but there's still a pile of antique junk in the corner. It was on my first tour of my new home that I realized this pile of junk contained several lamp stands in whimsical shapes--one of them being a naked lady posed atop a horse. No artsy half-clad nude this, but a full-frontal lady Godiva at least a foot tall, smiling happily.

Despite my recent temper tantrums, I'd say this is a good omen for my new place.

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