Saturday, July 19, 2008

Baking Pies

There's this scene in Charlie Wilson's War where he's lying exhausted in the bathtub and says he cannot fathom the energy women have after having sex. They're cleaning out closets, baking pies...

The posts you have been seeing for the past few days have been drafts. They were crafted months ago when I had more free time, spruced up with links and such to as appear new. In case you were wondering if I spent so much time blogging about it that I wasn't able to have sex.

Because I am, in fact. Having sex.

With the BHM.

Since July 4th.

Which means you are about to get quite a lot of posts in the coming days, fellow sexblog readers, despite my self-imposed silences elsewhere.

I suppose the real problem is my lack of decision. Should I start with my Very First Pussy Licking? Or the way he's able to hold both my wrists in one hand?

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