Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Took Coilhouse's Clothes Off

It all started with an invitation I couldn't resist. But, like the best things, it came with a stipulation: no nudity!

Still, Coilhouse is a lovely Victorian lady, not some tramp--I felt reverence rather than annoyance in complying with her wishes, though I couldn't help voicing a small protest:

"No nudes? But I’m a sex blogger… oh, well, here’s me with all my clothes on, at least..."

I left my mark (you can see it if you scroll down, and I mean waaaayyyy down because they've had 143 comments and counting so far). The next day I returned, and found I had indeed made Coilhouse very happy. And, lo and behold, she had lifted the ban on nudes!

Quickly, I flipped back to my original comment and saw this answer beneath it:

"You know, I’m actually not sure why I wrote “no nudes.” It was maybe 5:30 AM when I finished that post. Maybe I was trying to be funny? That part of the post will always remain a mystery. Nudes OK, though! NWS FTW! Beautiful image."

So that was how I took Coilhouse's clothes off. If you, like me, are a Coilhouse reader who has yet to de-lurk, go pay your respects. And if you have never heard of Coilhouse before, then for heaven's sake doff your hat and give a courtly bow: it was time you were introduced.

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