Friday, July 18, 2008


MOLLY REN: i wish you were in my country. it's a bit odd just knowing you on the internet

CEE: howcome?

MOLLY REN: you could be anybody, and yet I talk to you more than I talk to most people here

CEE: well, in all fairness, we're anonymous and similar in fetish, allowing for what may be considered my most open friendships, ever

MOLLY REN: that's exactly it. we are anonymous

CEE: yup

MOLLY REN: and yet we talk all the time

CEE: you dont even know my real name

MOLLY REN: yep. Mr. Lives or "Cee: a friend" on my blog

CEE: hehe. im not gonna tell you either of my names tho

MOLLY REN: i kind of don't want to know. a shred of romanticism, I suppose. if i knew your real name it would be harder to have fantasies about you

CEE: if you knew too much about my real life, i would probably feel worse about sharing fetishes with you

MOLLY REN: why worse?

CEE: the idea that exploring fetishes on webcam may be seen as cheating. yet, there's the realization that i love my gf and not you, which puts it back in perspective

MOLLY REN: i was reading an article about that today. people are still trying to figure it out, how seriously cyberfun can be taken

CEE: my real life is too good to take it seriously. even at the worst of times, its still eventful. and i dont come to the internet to escape reality, more to escape monotony.
CEE: i went to the shops, did paperwork, coursework, had a ride, did some gardening and housework today. i have mild insomnia by night
CEE: i donno
CEE: cyberfun is serious if you consider it the main part of your life, i suspect

MOLLY REN: mm-hmm

CEE: what do you think?

MOLLY REN: i think it's just fun for us

CEE: yeah, like exchanging pornography. but some people see porn as being unfaithful. i say fuck em

MOLLY REN: haha. even if YOU'RE the porn?

CEE: pornstars uphold serious relationships. its just a job for them

MOLLY REN:so you're an amateur porn star I am on friendly terms with
MOLLY REN: the most awesome interactive porn ever

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