Friday, July 25, 2008

First Spanking

The Colt and I send each other so many text messages every day I had to switch to a different plan. I always smile when I hear my phone buzz on the table. Sometimes I hold it in my lap as I wait for his next message.

THE COLT: Bored Colt is bored!

ME: R u still in class?

(The Colt has begun college in The State On the Other Side of the Country. He says he has classes from 7:30 am to 11 at night, which sounds insane to me. Recently he told me that no cell phones were allowed in class.)

THE COLT: I'm in class being bad!

ME: *lifts up your little tail* I'm going to spank you, you bad colt!

THE COLT: Eek! *bends over* Be gentle!

ME: *smack!*

THE COLT: *yip!*

ME: *smacks harder!*

THE COLT: *yips and whines back at you* Careful with my tail!

ME: It's such a little tail it won't get in the way. *smacksmacksmacksmack!*

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