Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bougieman: the Man Who Had Never Heard of Sex Blogs?

I never thought Livejournal was particularly sexy. I got one in college because my friends had one, and I thought the overall design was ugly, lacking many of the user-friendly features I'd come to expect from Wordpress and Blogger. Discovering a slew of awesome geeky webcomic artists redeemed it somewhat, but I was still unable to take Livejournal seriously as a place for the 18 and over crowd.

Then there was bougieman. He edits a series of magazines called Cinema Sewer, complete with his own sick drawings. Suddenly deformed pussy-gushing chicks were sharing space with the History Comics of Kate Beaton on my friends' page*. (Much better, I thought.) He also posts nifty videos of flying men in cowboy hats. And then, today, he wrote about Amandria

"Y'all know how it is with LJ and blogs and shit. You follow some total strangers life, and you kinda feel after a while like you know them. Maybe just a little. Maybe you never even comment, and yet since you follow their day-to-day shit, you have an odd connection to them. Or maybe you don't and it's all in your mind. I don't know....
Regardless, I've been following this girls blog that she set up to talk about her sex life and fantasies and stuff like that. She's in her early 20s and she lives in Canada somewheres....

She's been talking about how her fantasy is to get tied up -- blindfolded with her ass propped up in the air -- and then to be gangbanged by a bunch of virile young bucks. Like most people's fantasies, I figured it would stay just that, a fantasy. People talk a lot in the online journals. Lots of fantasy talk. Blah blah blah. Yappity yap.

But she shocked me, I'll give her that. Saturday night she damn well did it! FOR REALS!"

What follows is links to a very decent series of posts about Amandria's experiences. Still, for someone whose RSS spills over with more smut than the corner porn shop, it's old hat. Then bougieman sums it up:

"I really liked that: "I don't fuck for respect. I fuck for fun." I'd never heard that before."

It was the sentence that got me. "Never heard that before"? Is it possible that the editor of "the adult's only guide to history's sickest and sexiest movies!" has never been on a sexblog? Have the wonders of Jefferson, Always Aroused Girl, Violet Blue, Jaine Blooms and Shared Cindy passed him by? 

Fellow sexblog readers, I smell a possible convert to our wicked ways. I'm leaving a comment on his entry showing him the way to some of my favourite sex blogs, and we'll see if his cherry is indeed as intact as his post seems to imply. If you have some blogs that I've never heard of, feel free to chip in as well (you can comment on his blog even if you don't have a Livejournal. You can also add him to your RSS feed--he's well worth the read.)

* Yes, I do indeed have a pervy Livejournal. I experimented with posting on it when I was looking for a new host for my blog after Baywords failed, but I never update it since I got on Blogger. Eventually I might set up an LJ feed for it, but that is in the future.

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