Monday, July 28, 2008

Stuffer Boys: It's Sunday Somewhere

A girl never forgets her first.

Around six months ago I was poking about on Myspace, having finally stumbled upon a few pictures and keywords that vaguely corresponded to the things I thought about every night when I was trying to get off. As yet, none of them were quite the right word or photo...

Then my eye fell on Fatten Me Up's profile (he had a different handle then, I forget what it was). Until then, I had no idea that boys did "it"--and with my first look at a stuffed boy, something clicked in my head. This was what I had been wanting.

Soon I was looking at his photos every night before I went to bed. I learned how different a boy's belly looked when compared to that of a soft plump girl's. Harder, heavier, masculine and impressive. He was the first stuffer boy I e-mailed, and though we haven't talked much, he seems to be quite a nice chap.

He's in Italy now and, being a gainer first and a stuffer second, trying to gain weight. But it's "still not goin great though :( what would u recommend a lost stuffer boy in distress??"

Any recommendations, girls? If you have an idea, send the boy a message!

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