Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1,000: the first 18

I think the first 14 are what I want most at the moment.

I am also finding it absurdly hard to think of the other 982. I think this is an old man's game--I find myself thinking that I have my whole life to do these things. Or I might get through them all before a year or two is over.

Can I change them later if I want to? As if, say, I decide that I'll take a pass on seeing a dead body or body suspension and want to wait for the next karmic cycle?

1. Have More Sex
But don't we all want this? See 2, 6, 10, 12, 16 for more details.

2. I want to see the Colt in July.
The Colt is my digital boyfriend. I met him several months ago over the internet on a site for people with the feederism fetish. He's a stuffer boy, and if we can work this out it will be the first time I will have met him in the flesh.

3. I want to move out of my little tiny town
There are no lesbians here, no gay pride events, no fetish clubs, no parades. Ever since I was in New York City last year I've wanted to go back.

4. I want to make more money
There are numerous reasons for this (such as number 3). I want to buy things, like a tattoo (see 17), or fetish wear. I might want to have a child someday. Most of all, I hate having to work all the time like my
mother did--two or three different part time or weekend jobs even when
she had a degree in business.

5. I want to be a published erotica writer

6. Meet Jefferson
But then again what chick doesn't?

7. Meet Sinclaire

8. See a meteor shower
Or hell, just see an awesome night sky again, period.

9. Go to the Mermaid Parade
I've missed that two years in a row since I heard about it. Have to plan for next year.

10. Have group sex

11. Go to Stonehenge during the Solstice

12. Fuck Jefferson

13. Stuff a boy
The Colt, for prefrence. This is probably in the bag because of number 2, but you never know with these things.

14. Go to Mexico during the Day de Los Muertos and eat a sugar scull
This is especially good since I was born on the Day as well

15. See a dead body.
I'm not sure about this one. It's usually something that happens to most people anyway, when a family member dies. I'm not sure why I want it, except that I'm not familiar with death and it's something so many people already know. Most people will probably read this one and think I'm crazier than I already am, but nevermind.

16. Visit a dominatrix (or dom)
I want the whole 9 yards: whips, knives, costumes, 7 inch heels, etc., etc., etc.

17. Get some kind of body modification
There are so many to choose from. tattoo, scarification, corset rings, microdermals or these nipple piercings.

18. Be suspended from my skin

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