Monday, June 30, 2008

Stuffer Boy Sunday: Shirtless in July

shirtless in july, originally uploaded by per afernalia.

Just another photo I've found wandering through the back alleys of Flickr. I think he's into weight gain, rather than stuffing, but I found it an interesting photo nonetheless.

This almost my ideal--the contrast between two extremes, the softness and hardness. And it's looking at bodies like this--just as much as looking at the difference between a wasp waist and DD breasts will give some people a hardon--that can inspire a lustful awe at how many different shapes the human body can be molded into.

But somehow this is almost too much for me. Sometimes I like looking at it, sometimes it seems like there's too much flesh here, too little there... But the hand on top of the belly is always hot, no matter what.

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