Monday, June 16, 2008

I guess it could be worse?

It's common for people with extreme fetishes to say, "Well, at least I'm not doing this..."

This man has sex with cars.

I suppose this could count as a good fill-in-the-blank, though I sometimes think it would make it easier to find partners.

The original source, The Daily Telegraph (of course!), has a longer article. With photos. None of them are explicit, however, which forces me to ask: where does he, urm, stick it? In other words, exactly how does one fuck a car? *Supresses all refrences to tailpipes.*

Well, for the curious, there is an online manual, "How To Make Love to a Car", in which we are told "1. The tailpipe isn't the only option!"

I suppose this means that Zoltan will have to give up his dream of creating a new sexuality. It seems that people have been screwing machines long before he invented the term "technosexual".

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