Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stuffer Boy Sunday: Alex

When Alex re-appeared on IM after several weeks with no word, he told me that he was leaving next month. For Japan.

ME: fuck
ME: you wanna meet with me before you go?

ALEX: you'd want to?

ME: yeah

ALEX: i wasnt sure if you'd want to since i was leaving but id still really like to

ME: hey, it's not your fault you have to leave

ALEX: you'd be real disappointed in me right now though, i havent been working out and i gained like 10 lbs

He'd sent me pictures of himself before he disappeared, when he'd looked like this:

My mouth watered as I tried to imagine this succulent new addition to his body. It's the contrast that I crave. Just as a man wants a tiny waist to be on the same body as a pair of DD breasts, the combination of extremes pushes all my buttons.

ALEX: ive totally been gorging myself since ive been home
ALEX: i had a cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake, then mint chocolate chip ice cream cone, general tso's chicken with chicken fried rice, then 18 wings tonight and a frappucino from starbucks

Alex is a long distance runner. He has a long, hard body, and I've often imagined stroking its hard taut angles. But now there will be this little bit of softness, proof of his voracious appetite. And where there's a huge hunger for one of the sensual pleasures, there's usually a desire for the others that's just as strong...

ME: I wanna see your new body
ME: that's like my favourite fantasy, bony guys getting slightly softer

ALEX: that's kinda what happened to me, its mostly in my torso i think, you cant really tell anywhere else
ALEX: you dont think i should work out and try to get back in shape, it usually only takes me like a week

I quibbled, told him it was really his decision. I didn't want to force him into changing even more when I knew how much work it took to get his body to that level of hardness... even when the thought of him gorging himself even more had me rubbing against the chair.

But he wouldn't let up:

ALEX: why dont you tell me your opinion and ill take it into account and make a decision
ALEX: so same, lose or gain?

ME: do you get turned on being this way?
ME: or do you not like how it looks?

I know he's told me before he's had fantasies about gaining weight. He's told me that he wouldn't even mind if it slowed him down a little, even though he's used to leaving all the other boys in the dust.

ALEX: im okay with it either way as far as looks, its not exactly like i have anyone to impress
ALEX: your kind of like the only person i have to impress which was why i wanted your opinion because it matters

ME: I can't be the only one

ALEX: you are and im happy with that
ALEX: seriously i can go either way with it so you just have to let me know, dont be shy you can be honest

ME: hmmm
ME: can I see a pic?
ME: then maybe I could decide

its your lucky day
, he wrote. His camera phone was working.

ME: you can't get rid of it until we get to cuddle

ALEX: wow im kinda surprised, i thought you liked me better the other way but that's cool you changed

ME: i was interested
ME: because I, um, have never been with a dude with abs
ME: but the fetish gets me every time
ME: tummies rule
ME: especially on boys

ALEX: haha that's true
ALEX: okay so now just to be sure, stay the same, gain or lose?

ME: I think stay the same

ALEX: okay sounds good

So he's keeping his body this way. For me.

It's the way a sub might wear a collar for their dom, I suppose. Only it's not like that at all. Collars can be taken off, marks made on the flesh from bites or a cane will heal. Instead he's changed the very form of his body into what both of us most desire.

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