Monday, June 16, 2008

So I was having one of those 2am conversations...

You know the ones...

MOLLYREN: you know what you should try?

MOLLYREN: warm milk

MOLLYREN: I hear it's really easy to stuff with

MOLLYREN: and the warmth makes it easy to take more

NEWBIE: ive never tried that before but it sounds like it would work well

NEWBIE: i dont know that ive ever had warm milk now that i think about it

MOLLYREN: I haven't either actually

MOLLYREN: one of my internet friends tried it and said he could drink another whole bottle besides what he could usually

MOLLYREN: he was trying to get more capacity

NEWBIE: it does make sense that you could take more of it especially chugging it

MOLLYREN: yeah, he told me he was shotgunning warm milk!

And then it hit me: God, I love this fetish.

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