Monday, June 16, 2008

Capitol Pride + Baywords is FAIL part II

I just came back from Capitol Pride... my second Pride ever, by the way... and we got yelled at by a sterotypical religious fundamentalist who may or may not be famous, I danced with the saddest butch, and Max and I bickered and got lost and nearly died of heat exhaustion and still came out of it like brother and sister (albeit very snarky ones) with a whole pile of awesome gay swag.

In short, I have SO MANY stories to tell you.

And my Baywords blog is still broken.

Every link to another page I have created sends you to a page reading "No input file specified", making it virtually unreadable. I've sent Piratebay numerous e-mails (though not the one-every-three-hours method approved by my editior at the small, independant newspaper where I work. That's the method you use "when you don't trust them." I mean, they are pirates...)

What to do?

I have not-quite-right blogs scattered over the internets by now... a defunct LJ, now used by Jaime to comment on my new LJ... my old Blogger blog, abandoned for Baywords... this LJ, created especially for my perverted self... and the now broken Baywords blog.

The old Blogger blog, called "Molly Loves", might be able to be resuscitated. Heck, I only left because of an old Violet Blue reccomendation, and lots of other sex bloggers don't seem to have a problem with it. I could give it a facelift, transfer all my new entries, and be ready to sign up for the Sugasm by next week.

But Blogger doesn't have all these nifty features, like making your own pages where you can put vital information (like how to submit a stuffer boy photo). For that I'd have to go to Wordpress.

What do you guys think? Should I give the old Blogger a facelift and press it back into service, or play a game of cat and mouse with the Wordpress (as yet unknown to me) censorship rules?

EDIT 6/16/08: Since Wordpress' Terms of Service states a blog cannot have content that is "obscene, libelous or defamatory", guess which route I chose?

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