Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stuffer Boys: GalaxyBall

Via GalaxyBall's Myspace

As you may have noticed, Capitol Pride and blog breakages interfered with both stuffer boy Sundays and BBW Mondays. But the remarkable stuffed boy beauty I've found should make up for the long wait.

His Myspace says he's from Germany (many stuffer boys seem to be from Germany, why is that?) and his photo captions like they've suffered through one too many internet translations. His album only has two photos.

But two photos were all it took to blow all the photos I'd seen before out of the water: this boy has a swollen belly on a blonde model's body, as unexpected and arousing as seeing, say, Brad Pitt stuffed. His black and red clothes (vagely "designer") and his metal bracelets add just the right touch of alt to press all of my fantasy buttons at once.

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