Monday, June 30, 2008

Pretty BBWs: Angel

Angel is probably one of those BBW models that are famous in their own right, I just haven't been in "the scene" long enough to hear about her. Her photos look kind of old (but doesn't all pr0n?) So forgive me if I'm linking you to a site that everyone already knows about, but I found her hot enough to share on BBW Monday. Her photos are riddled with "no reposting" watermarks, so I'm just putting up the link... but the link takes you to a gallery full of this snow-skinned and red-haired goddess.

It's tempting to think that in the fetish world rules are simply turned on their heads and the ugly becomes beautiful, but every now and then I'll see a set of photos that remind me there are a different set of ideals at work, not no ideals at all. Angel looks the way I wish I looked, with a flawless skin, longer hair, and a thinner face. She is symmetrical as any top model you see in the magazine ads, only... more. She's what I think of as a "crossover" model: someone that makes fat look hot, even to a person with "normal" desires.

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