Monday, June 16, 2008

Baywords is FAIL

Dear PirateBay,

My Baywords blog is broken after the outage. Every link to another page that I created on the site, every link to a "read more", and even the RSS feed button sends me to a page that says "no input file specified".

I try to go to the "help" page, but I have to sign in to do it, and it says my username does not exist. Therefore I cannot even use the forums or help page to get help. The "comments" on the baywords home page also lead to a page that says "no input file specified".

This is not the kind of service I expected when I signed up to use Baywords. If the problem isn't cleared up in the next few days I am deleting my account because my blog is made unreadable by the broken links.

I hope you will answer promptly,

Molly Ren

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